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Beneath El Paso’s desert sun lie communities that offer something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, you deserve to partner with a team that respects the many opportunities that exist here and knows how to take full advantage of them.

That team is Center Real Estate. Our group of effective, caring professionals makes it a mission to provide a listening ear and look out for your best interests like a best friend would. Led by top agent Luis Carlos Perez, who possesses a highly nuanced understanding of the industry, we consistently raise the bar. That’s because for us, real estate is not a transaction—it’s an experience.

Right up to the time we hand you the keys to your new home or finalize the sale of your current one, we make sure that your experience exceeds your hopes and expectations. Like El Paso itself, we want Center Real Estate to be a place you come back to. We offer you first-rate service, guidance, trustworthiness, opportunity, and friendship that is built to last.

Nancy R.
I had a great experience with Luis. He is very knowledgeable and reliable. I liked that he is always available and still values his clients before, during, and after the whole process. He truly cares about his clients and I would refer anyone to him.

— Nancy R.

Veronica A.
Luis Carlos helped us get our first home. He explained the process and made it easy to understand as we were first time buyers. He guided us every step, and responded every question. He is very professional and therefore we highly recommended him to a couple of friends. Truly great experience.

— Veronica A.

Mathew M.
Luis Carlos is one of the best REALTORS I have worked with, professional, caring and focused on the customers needs. The pictures taken and the open house activity moved the house quickly.

— Mathew M.

Dorys V.
Our experience with Luis was amazing! He was attentive, honest, direct, and reasonable. His availability allowed for multiple showings and we were able to sell at our price point. He did for us what our other REALTOR could not do, and that was to sell our home. Luis is highly recommended.

— Dorys V.

Eliza Z.
We worked with Luis twice and we highly recommend him as your future REALTOR. He is a true professional and hard-working individual, but most importantly gets the job done. Because of him we are able to move on time and not have two house payments. Couldn’t be more happy with his service!

— Eliza Z.

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